Why every Finance Manager should automate their reporting

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We see it all the time; Finance Managers working themselves to the bone at month end and churning out report after report for at least 5 straight days, sometimes cutting their personal leave short to produce reports that could just as easily have been automated.

The benefits of automating the mundane tasks at month end reporting are so significant that we know that no Finance Manager could ignore how a single solution could change the way they do reporting forever, possibly even their role in the business.   

We are not just talking about the ways in which automation will save the business time and money, although that is undeniably significant, but also how it will spur remarkable advancements for the business, the finance team, and the individual themselves.

First, let’s talk about saving Time and Money

Saving time through automation is a no-brainer, it is the main reason why anybody automates anything! But the real time-saver is in not having to duplicate the time spent doing reports because something did not balance (somewhere, somehow, where do you even start looking?). Our integrated checking and exception reporting tells you what could be going wrong before you share your reports with your team, so that you are prevented from wasting that time.

You can easily work out how much money you will save, if you implement automation, by calculating what it currently costs to produce your report versus what it would cost you to build a single platform that over time will produce the same report in about 15 seconds. The savings differ from business to business depending on the size of the team working on producing reports, but your workflow will be streamlined and you will require much less manpower to get the job done.

Advancement for the business, team, and the individual

The automation of mundane tasks results in the holistic advancement of the business, it’s team, and it’s Finance Manager. The business is able to function more efficiently as tasks that used to take days would now take 15 seconds, Finance Managers once bogged down with menial data capture can function at much higher levels of analysis, and the business saves money by streamlining resources.

The team and the individual would have more time and freedom to pursue opportunities for career advancement. Instead of focusing the majority of their efforts producing the report, they can now focus on using the insights they extract from those reports to improve their workflow, and ultimately, the business. They will also now have the opportunity to innovate and try new things, perhaps arrive on a solution that increases revenue or saves money – making themselves more valuable to the businesses, and perhaps promoting their own career.

Automation has only positive outcomes for Finance Managers and their businesses; get in contact if you’d like to know what automation could do for your business.

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