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Here are the 4 main productivity killers

Merging Data

Sometimes you need to merge data from different reports to create a consolidated report. This complicates that checking process to make sure that all information is included and balances​


Creating VLOOKUP and other formula constantly needs to be checked to make sure that no mistakes happened when updating

Having LOTS of reports

Having lots of reports that essentially use the same data just slightly different cause a lot of duplication of work and effort as each report needs to be managed, updated, and checked

Exporting data

Creating VLOOKUP and other formula constantly needs to be checked to make sure that no mistakes happened when updating

The biggest killer of productivity is something so obvious


Having a process that works could be the biggest killer of productivity. Just because it worked 2+ years ago doesn't mean that it is still valid in today's fast changing technology world. Reporting demands are increasing so the less time you spend compiling and the more time you spend analysing is better

We’ve helped 100’s of finance managers and businesses with productivity by applying 4 principles that you could be using today to save upward of R 81,000 a year.

What if I told you these were 4 simple strategies that if you applied them, you too could not only improve your Excel skills, but save on wasted productivity time.

These 4 strategies and techniques will save you time and improve your Excel Skill

Pivot Tables

We go through why this is Excel’s SUPERPOWER and how you can take advantage of it

Defined Tables

What is it and why you should use it, and how it differs from what you doing today

Data Design

How to structure data so you don’t have to do Excel backflips and spend countless hours checking that everything copied (and pasted) correctly

Power Query

This may just kill the need for Formulas in Excel as you use Power Query to replace common functions like VLOOKUP

We have a FREE training program that is a one on one session where we take you through these 4 principles and how you can start using them.

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I know, just 30 minutes for all this value. It so simple but it’s unbelievable how many people don’t use them.

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Meet Claire

Claire used templates that she’s developed over the last 3 years that she’s been in that position. The templates make it easier and have saved her time, but she still has to spend three days doing extracts, checking the data and then producing the reports. The report’s accuracy is important because it is used to pay the Sales Rep’s commission salaries.

Claire had a problem that she didn’t pick up because of formulas not copying all the way to the end of the data. The cost of the issue was R1 million

Now that Claire uses our strategies and products, these issues don’t happen anymore. While Claire bought into some of our products, you could apply the same stratagies that we will teach you in the 30 minute one-on-one training.


I like the fact that you’re not just selling a standard product that I need to conform to; your product conforms to my business
Yolanda Steyn
Finance Manager, Century City Conference Centre & Hotel
I haven’t been able to give you guys a problem that you can’t solve.
Desmond Godfrey
Finance Manager, Capsicum Cullinary Studio
I’ve been doing my way of producing Management Accounts for the last 20 years. Changing one’s way of thinking is difficult. But with our expectation and your delivery, one’s got to find middle ground and I think we’ve found middle ground

What's the catch?

I know that this may seem strange and that there’s some catch. 

Look, we do have products that deal with these issues and more but I don’t know if our products will work for you, so I’m not going to try and sell these to you.  

What I do know as that these 4 strategies work. They work for our clients and they could work for you. If at some point you are curious about our products then we’d be happy to chat more about those, but today is your opportunity to get some real value by investing 30 minutes.