Gain more than just time with our 15 second reporting

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If you were wondering whether you need our solutions then just ask yourself if doing your month end reporting takes longer than 15 seconds. If the answer is yes, then read on!

At e-magination Infosolutions we have worked with a wide range of business types and sizes, and we have saved each customer up to 3 days during the busiest time of the month, financial month end. This is because we automate all the repetitive tasks so that all they have to do to compile a report is click one button.


The 15 second report could be a game-changer for your business

When you are in the midst of the boiling pot that is month end reporting processes, there simply is not enough time or capacity to double check your reports. This is when the most mistakes happen, and any mistake is costly. While minute inaccuracies are not a great threat on their own, in a collective and over time they can be very expensive or even threaten the business’s livelihood. In our experience, we have never had a client that didn’t have inaccuracies in their manual reporting.

If we help you reduce your reporting to 15 seconds then you’ve bought an extra 3 days to investigate where the errors are, understand why they happened, and fix them immediately. You can even run your report again and again to make sure you’ve fixed the problem, since it only takes 15 seconds to run. With our exception reporting that is built into our solutions it is even easier to find exactly where the errors are, saving you even more time. In fact, with our automation you will have no more data inaccuracies!

What these inaccuracies are costing your business

There are multiple knock-on effects when there is incorrect data in your workbooks. For example you may be paying too much tax, declaring dividends where you shouldn’t be instead of cutting back, overstating your expenses, or worse, and then when it is time for an audit you may end up paying hefty audit fees. Not only will you lose valuable time, it will also negatively impact your finances.

Get more from your reporting next month

A lot of reports are static and do not allow for ad hoc analysis, which is why ours are designed to be dynamic so that you can shape your data to look different, and go deeper into the detail. You can even integrate other aspects of your business into your reporting such as your HR system or other workbooks, allowing you to mature your reporting to BI level.

You can report with more confidence, knowing that you’ve done an independent audit of your information and know that it’s correct or that you’ve found issues but that they can be corrected in time. Know that you are using technology that has a scalable effect and that you’re getting the best out of your staff at the moment because you don’t have inflated staff to do tasks that can be automated.  

If anything, even if you don’t do a full-on project with us, allow us to do an audit on your manual worksheets to expose any inaccuracies there might be. We could save you at least 3 days, which you can use on your analysis and benefit your business.

Would you like an audit? Leave your details below and we’ll set it up!

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