Don’t be afraid to explore new opportunities in unexpected ways

If you are still doing things the way you used to do them years ago and with as little success, then you need to take a long hard look at your business. This year has already shown itself to be one where things are done differently, and with a focus on finding what works and putting energies into those methods.

We at e-magination Infosolutions are very excited about this – because we operate differently to other companies and are never afraid of the unknown or changing things up. Based on our experience, both within our company and with our clients, having the courage to do something differently can very often pay off in a big way (and sometimes in unexpected ways).

Trying something different? Don’t be amazed when it works

For a while we had trouble finding and attracting female talent interested in tech to our business; we realised that we would have to change our tactics and approach recruitment differently. We made the decision to sponsor and regularly attend a global women in tech event, Girl Geek Dinner, hoping that the exposure would provide an ideal networking platform for new talent. We were right, and most recently it took an interesting turn when the news of our new employee landed on LinkedIn.

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I met her at a Girl Geek Dinner event; she was confident and honest about what she wanted in her next career move but admitted that her usual method of applying for jobs (through recruitment agencies or applying online) was not yielding satisfactory results. So without actually having a vacancy for her we gave her a job at e-magination Infosolutions, we just didn’t know what it was yet. In anticipation of her arrival we shared her story on LinkedIn. That post received countless interactions, as others grew more and more curious of her story and our unorthodox recruitment strategy. So curious that she fielded several job offers and was finally ‘poached’ by another company for a position that suited and matched her career ambitions.


What’s the moral of the story?

It is actually a multifaceted lesson, but at the core of it is: Be brave. Be brave enough to try something new especially if what you are currently doing isn’t yielding the results you want. Be brave enough to ask for the job that you desire. Be brave enough to be yourself in the business world, whether it be in an interview for a new job, in your current role at work, networking events, or your personal brand on LinkedIn. If you are not honest with yourself about your expectations, you will just be trying to ‘make it work’ or become something that you think others need you to be.

We’ve learnt that one of the best ways for us to connect with the individuals that we’d like to have on our team is through LinkedIn (for both parties), and we’re sure that many other companies operate the same way. So make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date and that you share your personal brand honestly from this excellent networking platform.

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