Why Financial Managers should enhance their Excel skills to leverage automation with Power BI

The more we look into it, the more we find that there are many businesses that have been coasting along working around their issues with Excel and large amounts of data rather than fully utilising it. Finance individuals and teams manually build intricate networks made up of workbook upon workbook that are so fragile that if they change one thing, the delicate ecosystem is broken.

We work closely with Financial Managers every day, helping them to amplify their skills with Excel Power BI giving them more flexibility through a robust and user-friendly interface that allows them to make changes as often as they need without the fear of breaking their formulas.


What enhancing your Excel skills could do for your business

You may be thinking that you have mastered Excel, but if you still need one of the following, then our course is going to change how you do your end of month reporting and more:

1. Save valuable time: Time is money and month end is the busiest of times, which is why automation of manual data inputting is key. Turn hours into a one-button refresh, giving you more time to focus on decision making. (Save up to 3 days!)

2. Accuracy in automation: Take human error out of the picture completely – automation means you can now trust your data. Integrated checking and exception reporting tells you what could be going wrong before you share your reports with your team.

3. Save on cost: Using software that you and your team already know and use everyday means you don’t need to buy additional software, pay exorbitant license fees for new programs, or need to send your staff on unnecessary training.

4. All data in a centralised place: Centralise all your complex business formulas and calculations so that you can work with data from multiple systems in one sheet, view, or graph. This allows you to cut down on redundant worksheets and easily compare data.

Learn how to leverage Power BI in our FREE course!

Our half-day introductory course has been divided into easily digestible chunks of information that help you understand the role of Power Query in a Power BI context, as well as the process in which you shape and filter your data so that it is analysis-ready, and thereafter how to merge and aggregate your data using Power Query.

Date: 19th July, 12:00

Venue: Protea Hotel, Techno Park, Stellenbosch

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