Power BI empowers the CFO through custom visual dashboards

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The days of the old, grey and visually unappealing reports are thankfully over. CFOs finally have the tools to present stunning and creative dashboards with Microsoft Power BI that helps them not only create more engaging reports but also reveal pivotal insights from their data that much easier.

CFOs can create personalised dashboards to monitor their crucial data at a quick glance. The dashboard also provides a centralised place to analyse a consolidated view of your business’s data no matter where that data is stored, as most businesses store data on a multitude of different Excel workbooks, sheets and systems.

This gives CFOs the unique opportunity to identify trends and outliers across all of their data, as these trends are more easily recognised in their visual form rather than tables and tables of raw data. This then enables them to dig deeper into the detail in their analysis of the business as they know exactly where to look for the answers and what to improve on to reap the results that they want from their business.



How Power BI makes the CFOs job easier

Transforms data into rich visuals for a more organised view – Power BI enables CFOs to get creative with their data so that they can engage with it on a visual level that brings the data to life. They can also present eye-catching reports to their peers that are easy to follow and accurately represent the data.

Easily get insights from data – Power BI is designed for the process of making analysis and visualisation of traditional numerical data easier and quicker to take in, as well as make it simpler to focus on the important aspects of the data.  

Create interactive reports – flat data is no good for analysis, you need to be able to manipulate your data and share your reports in an instant. Power BI is the tool we use to help our customers create interactive reports.

Consistent analysis across your organisation – With SQL Server Analysis Services Cubes enabled, CFO’s can build robust, reusable models without requiring input from IT departments. These provide consistency across reporting and analysis in their organisation.

Brings all critical data together – Power BI brings everything together as it integrates with Excel spreadsheets, on-premise data sources, datasets, streaming data, and cloud services – allowing for more consolidated and holistic analyses of business data.


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