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How to share your Power BI dashboards

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Creating dashboards using Microsoft’s Power BI data visualisation tools is the ideal way to turn your heaps of raw data into something you can use every day within your business. However, you’re not getting the most out of it if you’re keeping it to one part of your business. Sharing your dashboards or reports with decision makers, departments, or specific teams is key to making the most out of your data insights.

Power BI also gives you the added benefit of being able to tailor each report or dashboard for the different departments or teams to maximise their use of this valuable information. Once you’ve created your dashboards, you can easily share it by following these simple instructions:


Sharing your dashboard

You can share your dashboards with anyone in your organisation, as long as their email addresses match your domain, eg. if your Power BI dashboard is created under you can only share if their email addresses are on that domain. You can safely share your dashboards via ‘read-only’ access, meaning they can only interact with your dataset but not change anything.

Open Power BI, then highlight the dashboard to share. Right click on the navigation panel and select ‘Share’, or click the ‘Share’ button on the tab bar in the upper-right corner. You will need to enter all the email addresses of the colleagues you would like to share it with. You also have the flexibility to enable your colleagues to share your dashboard with others, simply by checking the re-share box.

Your colleagues will receive an email from Power BI with a link to the dashboard. The only catch here is if they haven’t yet signed up for Power BI they will be prompted to do so first. Someone with Power BI will have this dashboard automatically added to their workspace via the email link.

Benefits of sharing Power BI dashboards

Each user’s shared dashboard will refresh whenever your original dataset is updated, ensuring that they always have the most up-to-date data. You can trust that any changes you make to your dashboard are automatically visible to your colleagues.

Keep track of everyone that has accepted your invitation to share your dashboard. Open the ‘Shared Dashboard’ screen and select ‘Shared with’. You will see a list of your colleagues on the left with each status on the right. Here you will be able to cancel dashboard invitations to colleagues if you’ve added them by mistake or if they no longer need access. If you checked the ‘Re-share’ box when you shared the dashboard then you will also see all the email addresses of the users that your colleagues re-shared to. You can even disable re-shares on this admin page if you change your mind, or even stop sharing completely.


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