e-magination earns two competencies as a Microsoft Silver Partner

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e-magination is an advocate of the Microsoft stack, supplying clients with click-of-a-button monthly financial reports that save them countless hours using software the clients already know and use such as Excel, PowerPivot, Power BI, SQL Server, SharePoint, and other products. Microsoft products have always been known to be reliable, the bare minimum on most office computers, however in the last three years the company has had a revitalisation as it prepared to take on the other big players that had since shot forward as worthy adversaries.

This month we were awarded two silver competencies in both Data Analytics and Data Platform. Becoming a Silver partner can be seen as Microsoft’s stamp of approval but it is not a necessity for companies developing solutions using the Microsoft stack. It does however provide an extra layer of backing from Microsoft as companies that pursue their competencies need to excel in written assessments, tests and have good references in order to be accredited.


Data Analysts, Shauvolon Petersen and Tapfuma Masunzambwa
Data Analysts, Shauvolon Petersen and Tapfuma Masunzambwa

Silver partnership, what’s in it for e-magination?

The Microsoft partnership network is a valuable, close-knit community that affords all kinds of internal benefits. Firstly, Silver partners have immediate access to a variety of software that they would otherwise need to purchase. This enables each partner to become better acquainted with more of the Microsoft offering, giving them the opportunity to get familiar with the tools and start developing on them and delivering to clients. This leads to a deeper and stronger understanding of Microsoft software itself.

Secondly a partnership goes two-ways, so it is imperative that companies like e-magination that sell solutions on Microsoft platforms are backed by Microsoft itself. This also ensures that the solutions company has premium support from Microsoft for any issues it may be having with the software.

We set out to become more entrenched in Microsoft and to familiarise ourselves with more of their products, however there was also another more closer-to-home reason and that was to grow our employees.


Microsoft competencies and growing employees

Despite our employee growth e-magination still operates with a more personal approach, taking on the responsibility of nurturing every employee’s professional growth. One way that we do this is by including as many employees as possible in our journey to multiple Microsoft competencies, encouraging them to do their Microsoft certifications mainly in the MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate) and MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert) which adds great value to their CVs and future prospects.


On the horizon for e-magination

With each competency achieved e-magination gets closer to being a Gold partner, our ultimate goal. Gold partnership would afford a much larger and more exclusive network with all kinds of perks such as access to more Microsoft software, premium support from Microsoft, training for our employees and much more. The next competency that we have set our sights on is Microsoft’s Cloud based technologies, seeing as the market, including more and more corporates, are embracing it.

If you would like to speak to one of our experts about how you can get more from your Excel reporting, leave your details and let’s connect.

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