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Why November matters!

Hi All

I never realised how significant November is. Firstly, it’s the month Cheronne and I celebrate our anniversary, next week will be a young three years since we first said “I DO”. However, that’s just the first part of what makes it significant. 10 years ago, on the 2 November 2002, I first registered the domain ( and today … 20th November 2007, 5 years ago, I registered the business E-MAGINATION INFO SOLUTIONS CC.

Happy 5th Birthday everyone!

To all of you that have been brave enough to take this journey with me, my wife Cheronne who supports me unconditionally and lovingly, to Lyndon who took one of the biggest risks in his life and decided to, instead of earning tons of money, join and live towards a dream – I can never pay you back.
To the first of you that joined us 3 years ago, Erick, Ziyie, and Jared – you continue to inspire us with your dedication and great work ethic.
Zinia, for the worlds longest interview period and eventually becoming a critical part of our growth and development – you make it look easy but we know how hard you work.
Naresh, for taking a chance on a kid to to bring you the right opportunities when you had so many other choices, and for staying with us.
Kalim for being brave and willing to learn so much and contributing towards our values and capabilities. For taking on what seemed impossible and turning it into a business cornerstone – I wanna be like you when I grow up 🙂
Abdul – for all the time I should be spending with you that I haven’t, for loving what you do and just getting on with it and helping me do what I need to do. It gives me peace to know you around.
Lazola, you will forever be a part of this family
To each and everyone of you that is part of this team, that works tirelessly, many thanks and happy birthday!
We will have a small get together this Friday at the office. We will send out more information later this week.

Believe in dream, they do come true!

Richard Bezuidenhout
e-magination InfoSolutions
phone: +27(0)21 813 5922 | mobile: +27(0)83 556 1502 | Skype: richard.bezuidenhout


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What a lovely tribute! :.) Feels good to be part of something where you know that every little thing you do has the potential to be part of something big.

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