“Richard, what you’re offering is my job. Are you trying to get me fired?!”

Often the initial reaction to our solutions from Financial Managers and CFOs is fear and resistance. They worry that our solutions are a threat to their livelihood or that it will disrupt the delicate balancing-act of workbooks and VLookups that they have created over the years to offer the same results that our solutions can produce at the click of a refresh button.

Fear is nothing new to technology innovators, such as e-magination Infosolutions, it simply shows us that we are developing solutions that will disrupt and perhaps shake up a few feathers amongst some of the more entrenched members of the industry.


To answer the question above:

No, our solutions are not going to cause you to lose your job! Just the opposite, we want to turbo-charge it. We can give you the tools you need to make your job easier, more efficient, and even more precise. As a result you will be able to produce month-end (and other) reports that are more accurate in a fraction of the time. Since your reputation rides on the accuracy of your reports, we know this will bring great value to you, and with all the extra time you have (we can save you up to three days!) you can dig deeper into your data.

The solutions that we build make use of software that you already know and use everyday, the Microsoft Excel suite. This means that you will have the confidence to change and manipulate your data and reports to expose useful insights to present to your business peers to help make more informed decisions.

Usually, creating different reports would be a slow and possibly ‘trial and error’ process but with our solutions you will be able to make changes as you go to suit your company’s ever-changing needs.

Dealing with that initial ‘fear of change’ factor

We understand that it is easier said than done to say ‘embrace change’, but when you have trepidation as to whether it is going to affect your job it is far more scary going into the unknown. Use your fear as an indicator of progress, a bright red flag showing you that you are walking into a challenge.

Resisting change or actively ignoring the progressive adoption of new technology can be detrimental to your future prospects in your position in your business. Everyone that has ever stood in the way of progress was eventually overrun. It is better to understand what the new technologies are and how it can help you to move you and the company forward rather than to resist out of fear.

Which is why we encourage you to request an assessment with us or attend one of our workshops to learn more about how our solutions can help streamline your reporting processes.

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