Why it makes perfect sense to invest in your employees


The success of your business depends heavily on being able to reliably and consistently provide a service or product that is of highest quality, and in order to do that you need a team that is dedicated to working toward producing exactly that. But how do you know if you have found the right people that will help you build your business, and once you have them on board how do you ensure that you can keep them?

This journey is one of trial and error for every business, and since each one is unique it is impossible to say what will work for everyone. However, we can share our own journey of how we have developed our hiring and employee investment strategies to maximise our business growth and the growth for each member of our team at e-magination Infosolutions.

Take into account that everyone has goals and aspirations

As a small company with big aspirations, we are realistic about the kinds of sacrifices and the amount of effort it takes to grow the business, which is why it is important that we hire people who can contribute to our growth while finding growth for themselves as well.

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In our interviews we ask ‘hopefuls’ what their goals are and how close they are to reaching them. This shows us two things; whether they have aspirations and dreams that are bigger than any hurdle that they may need to overcome in their journey, and it shows us where or how we can assist them in their career to help them succeed in their personal goals.

Investing in your employees can benefit your business too

Invest time in every employee, find out what drives them and ascertain their personal goals. Only this way can you ensure their job satisfaction and help them play a valuable role in the future of your business. Often simple one-on-one meetings can lead to surprising developments!

We had an engineer that put a lot of time and effort into following up with existing customers, to the point where we noticed how much extra value it was bringing to the business. The natural next step was to form another team whose sole role would be customer service and retention. This same individual now heads up our Customer Success team. We were able to give this person a role that they would find fulfilling and be able to exercise growth in, as well as invest in an invaluable asset that would foster repeat business and excellent customer service.


Individual and organisational profiling can be a valuable tool

One-on-ones can be intimidating for employees, so we opted for an external company to conduct them. MeQ helps our employees discover their individual strengths within the organisation through profiling, which helps us to create an environment that attracts the right talent.

Remember that your team will also help you grow as a leader and shape your business with you, so it is important that you invest in your employees and hire the right people from the start. You also need to have a clear idea of where you want to take your business and how it is that you are going to get there, so that you can be the kind of leader that employees want to follow.