Can month-end reporting really only take you 15 seconds?

Can month-end reporting really only take you 15 seconds? The answer is yes, and it’s even easier with e-magination Infosolutions as your partner.

If you are dubious about our 15 second claim, we don’t blame you. Over the years we have met a lot of Financial Managers and business owners that have been trying for ages, without any luck, to simplify their month-end reporting. Their stories are all the same; they’ve tried to do it themselves for so long, invested so much energy personally, and so do not believe that it will be possible for an external partner to manage what they did not.

Many of their problems are also the same, such as trying to solve their reporting issues with their internal IT team. The battle of understanding between these two departments that seem eternally at loggerheads as to what is deemed a priority or valuable to the company; business versus IT.

Does internal IT really know how to solve your problem or are they part of it?

When speaking to any business leader we need simply ask how many times their logged issues were deprioritised or how many of their issues had been logged for over 6 months without solution. The responses are overwhelming, but not entirely surprising. It quickly becomes clear why they seek an external partner that understands the dynamic of the business problems and makes their reporting issues the priority that they both understand it is.

Partnering with a company like e-magination Infosolutions becomes a necessity; and we’re not another IT company, we are business-focussed and just happen to use IT as one of the tools we use to solve these kinds of business problems. Because we believe they are business problems, and not IT problems, and should be solved by someone that understands that.

You think your reporting processes are too complex to result in a 15 second report?

Therein lies your first problem. If your processes are growing in complexity to the point where they no longer feel simple to you, then perhaps your processes are disappearing down the rabbit-hole caused by the inflexibility of custom software and your own elaborate industry of Excel workbooks. We have seen it all before, there is hope. Your business complexity and processing is not above a solution and whatever diagnosis you may have been given before, let us take another look.

You simply need to return to the original need for creating your reports; that was to have deeper insights and be able to create real value for your business from your data. If you are spending more time and resources on building and maintaining your reports, then you are effectively taking time away from the exact thing that you started building the reports for.

If you partner with e-magination Infosolutions, you will effectively cut back days (normally occupied on mundane, repetitive tasks) and have more resources to delve deep into the insights of your data. This will ensure that you have all the tools you need to run your business more effectively.

Ask yourself: The time it takes you to answer ad-hoc business questions has a direct correlation to the time it takes to produce your reports. Just how effective are your reports?