Automate your Operational Reporting and fix problems before they negatively affect your business

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We often put a focus on financial reporting when it comes to the automation of data, however if there is any one sector where a business can really save both money and time in a big way it is in Operations. Tons of data is sent to Operations departments every month, and often the individuals who have to deal with it do not have the correct reporting tools to deal with it effectively.  Bad data is lost amongst masses of good data and operational problems are only revealed when the month end reporting is done, which is often too late for many businesses.

Automation and exception reporting can make an immense difference in your business, in that it can help bring to light issues such as these much earlier and show you exactly where they are so that you can fix it timeously.


Ensure that your business is covered: Automate your exception reporting

Automation means that you will get all your data quicker, even the bad data – which you can address much sooner. Read how bad data can actually help your business >>

You will no longer have latency in getting the information you need in order to make informed business decisions. This will effectively enable you to drastically reduce any breakdown in your operational processes, avoid delays in delivery to your clients, or the loss of product.

Exception reporting can be the most valuable type of reporting for Operations, as it is built to provide the answers you would ultimately look for in your month end reports – only much quicker and automatically. Automated reporting: What’s holding you back? Read more >>


IoT has made Exception Reporting even more powerful

The Internet of Things (IoT) has sky-rocketed the adoption of automation in manufacturing; through digital sensor technology on instruments used in the production environment. It is now possible to get a live data feed of every step in the operations process.

However it won’t help a business if it now needs to analyse even more data, especially if all it needs to know is which instruments are not working. This is where exception reporting lets you know which instruments are performing below the threshold that you set and tells you which one to send an engineer to.

If Operations has this information sooner they are able to prevent any major loss in productivity or predict a delay in product delivery, which means that the business can put alternate processes in place or notify their customers.


How can e-magination Infosolutions help?

If you would like to have a conversation with us about what is possible around Operational reporting, we would be happy to give some guidance as to what your options are. We can help you compare the different tools if you are having difficulty in choosing which one will best suit your business. We do favour Microsoft’s business tools, and for good reason, however if another reporting tool is better suited we can also help with that!