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What system do you use

How long does it take you to prepare your reports

What is the frequency of your reporting cycle?

How many people are involved in preparing reports

What is the size of your business​

What are the primary reports in your reporting pack

How often do you plan/budget

Do you need to consolidate reports

What is your biggest frustration with your current reports

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This is the right option for the Finance Manager wanting something better than just standard reports and has the occasional need to create new reports Simple reports, but export data from your accounting system and have to create lookup tables in Excel​ Reports take about a day or two to complete​ When you are tired of doing things manually or don’t want the key person dependancy​ anymore

The PRO version will work for you when you have multiple entities or divisions that you are creating reports for and have very little time to do so. More complex reports Multiple entities (Same ERP system)​ consolidated reporting across entities Multiple Days to complete

This is for larger businesses with very complex reports​ and high demand for reports in various formats distributed to a wide audience Multiple users​ Multiple Systems​ Consolidated reporting across business units and entities​ Report Server for​ Scheduling and Distribution​ Pixel based reports (Like statements)