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Benefits geared at solving your financial reporting needs . 

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Get more Flexibility  in how you structure you reports to match your needs 

The ability to access data flexibly has proven to be a great asset to our clients. The common problem businesses face is having to deal with reporting tools that have already been created before a business, in its unique state, can express what their needs are around their reports. Every business is unique. From a business’ service offering to its structure, there are basic similarities that one business may have to the next in their industry but 99% of the time, no one business is the same as the next. 

 Built for simplicity

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Get critical business metric at a glance using Dashboards  

One of the problems businesses face when it comes to reporting is that there may be detail they need to see that standard reporting doesn’t show. When this happens, those who need those reports have to go and create reports that show this detail. This usually takes time and even though there may be a need to see certain detail every month, updating this information manually may also take time. 

Built to meet your reporting needs

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Our solution will provide a single location for you to consolidate your data and make room for your business rules when it comes to calculations so that everybody can work with a single version of the truth. With our solution, you will reap the benefit of saving time and eliminate the manual effort it takes to have regular reports at hand.

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All your financial data in one place

Centralise your business rules so you have a single version of the truth

Get fully customisable reports, even build reports from scratch using our advanced data model

Have you ever been to visit a clothing store, seen an item of clothing that you really like and when you fit it on, one part of it doesn’t fit well? With a jacket, the bust sits perfectly but the sleeves are too short. When you try a pants and the waist sits just the way you want it but the pipes are too short. Frustrating, isn’t it? Yet when you use a tailor or dressmaker, that pants and jacket fits you perfectly and you look amazing.

We build to meet your reporting needs

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Saving of Money   

With our solution, you don’t have to worry about exorbitant fees and prices, period. It’s all based in Excel so that when buying our solution, the adoption phase is low.  It’s the Excel you love and have been using for most of your career so far.

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Maximize profits while cutting unnecessary costs

Get fully automated reports delivering complex business reports at a click of a button

In business, the ability to report on any part of the business is important. Reports are reflections of where the business stands, in any area of a company. Every business needs to do it, therefore does it and we all know that technology is ever changing. Reporting has come so far along already that together with the ability to automate the accounting process through accounting packages, the fact that you will almost definitely be able to get some kind of reporting functionality from that accounting package is old news.

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Your reporting time reduce to a click of button

Remove the stress of inaccurate reports

Built to reduce human errors

Ever end up having to create and update your reports manually? For many this is reality. A very common occurrence is when Financial Managers pull reports using the systems they already have and those reports are not detailed enough or not showing the detail they need to see. Executives in some cases also want to see the detail in their own way.

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