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As there will always be some underlying factors that will cause every business to be unique, there will always be the call for the appropriate tools to cater for this fact when it comes to reporting. Currently, many businesses rely on the reporting function they receive with their accounting packages and many businesses suffer at the consequence of doing so. Unfortunately in most cases, the reports you get with your accounting package is very standard and ‘off the shelf’. A one size fits all kind of approach. Accounting packages aren’t there to fulfil Business Intelligence requirements. They are made to assist businesses in recording and managing the records of their financial transactions throughout the accounting process of their financial transactions throughout the accounting process.


"Accounting packages aren’t there to fulfill Business Intelligence requirements"

The ability to access data flexibly has proven to be a great asset to our clients. The common problem businesses face is having to deal with reporting tools that have already been created before a business, in its unique state, can express what their needs are around their reports. Every business is unique. From a business’ service offering to its structure, there are basic similarities that one business may have to the next in their industry but 99% of the time, no one business is the same as the next 



With the benefit of a feature such as data flexibility in your reporting tool, we can solve this whole problem for any business. This is what comes with our solution and every business using it can access a wide range of their data. This would help you see your data from a very high level to a very low level (transactional level) and from different viewpoints. Our solution offers the ability to report across different reporting periods, so you can tap into your historical data dating back to as far as your data bank serves and make comparisons between different periods. At group level, you can view each subsidiary’s reports as one entity or consolidate and view the whole group as one entity.

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When a business has a limitation on how they can view their data, there will be a limitation on that business’ ability to grow and operate effectively and efficiently. They will fail to access their data from different viewpoints and eventually end up having to use manual intervention to dig for some new insights.

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