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All your financial data in one place

Our solution will provide a single location for you to consolidate your data and make room for your business rules when it comes to calculations so that everybody can work with a single version of the truth. With our solution, you will reap the benefit of saving time and eliminate the manual effort it takes to have regular reports at hand. No more copying and pasting, no more complicated formulas all over your spreadsheets and no more checking and rechecking to ensure that your work was done correctly.

You can source data from multiple systems at the click of a button and have all your data at your disposal in one document. This will ensure that you don’t have to spend time manually transferring data from your different systems to spreadsheets, only for you to sort before you can make use of it. Taking into account your business formulas and calculations, our solution will provide you with all the tools you need to play around with your data in one central point. With this much time on your hands, you can spend more time analysing your data and gathering valuable insights that will drive game changing decisions for you and your business.


Many businesses find that they have to make use of more than one system just because of the nature of their business. I’ve come across these scenarios very often and I’ll make an example. A logistics company may need to use a Dispatch Management System (DMS) to manage their fleet of vehicles and to track orders throughout their delivery process. They would also use an accounting package to record transactions taking place and manage those transactions throughout the accounting process. With each system, they were designed to serve a unique purpose. The one’s purpose different from the other. In some cases these two systems can integrate with one another to serve a bigger common objective and this is great. But when it comes to reporting, a common problem that these businesses face is that none of them were designed to provide reports as a main priority.

As a result, the reports that are provided are standard and not customized to suit the business’ deeper reporting requirements and neither of these systems were designed with a feature that could assist you in consolidating all of your data. This problem can be solved though, with manual intervention. One can run reports from these two systems and then use that data to create consolidated reports. My question is, why would you want to do this manually? We all know how much time this takes out of you week and month.


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