Demystifying Excel with training will unlock your business data’s potential


Microsoft Excel is a powerful analytical tool

Too few people actually know this about Excel; they think ‘Excel’ and they picture 1980’s Excel and go no further, which means that they do not ever get to experience what it can do for their business. We host workshops monthly, ranging from training the fundamentals to the advanced levels of Excel. These Excel workshops help Financial Managers and CFOs to demystify this unspoken data hero.

Through training we are able to expose the uncomplicated and vast capabilities of the Excel suite, which includes Powerpivot and Power Query.

What myths do we expel about Excel?

There are a lot of limitations that are falsely imposed on Excel by those who do not fully understand it, so during our training we address those ‘myths’, such as this one for example:

You have to prepare the data beforehand: False!
Power Query is designed to make data preparation easier as it cleans and prepares the data before bringing together all the different data sets you need (from multiple sources). Also, all your processes that you normally do, such as removing blank rows or adding new calculated fields, you can do in Power Query before the data goes into Excel. The real beauty here is that you only need to do this once as a way of setting up the ‘steps’ and Power Query takes it from there every month! So you will save valuable time and effort on not having to manage data manually or update workbooks.

How do other data analysis tools compare?

There are a lot of data analysis tools available out there that purport to make data analysis simpler for you, however if you go that route you may actually end up limiting your analyses potential and further alienate yourself from truly understanding the technology that you are relying on to give you valuable data every month.

A lot of these tools don’t offer data preparation or require a programmer to write the code that gives it that capability. With Excel and Power Query, it comes standard.

Excel gives you the unique opportunity of all the capabilities of a power data analysis tool as well as the transparency and understanding of the technology that is enabling you to interpret your data.

You don’t have to be a data model expert to take advantage of the power of Powerpivot

Our Excel training has empowered individuals to not only solve the problems they were experiencing, but to start seeing the opportunities now so readily available using the tools they had just learnt how to leverage. You understand your business, its data and its needs, now you can fully understand the technology that will help you achieve the maximum results.

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