Manual Report Creation costs on average R81 thousand a year

You’re spending too much time creating reports because:

No dedicated support or experience from IT
Low trust in IT to deliver to your specific needs
Being told NOT to use Excel, which you love
ERP only gives you so much but you need more
You have to merge data from different systems
Need to report across Entities
Have Ad-hoc requirements that need a solution quickly

Like you, Claire shared some of the challenges

Claire is the finance manager of a medium to large company. She has a small team that reports to her. She is responsible for the management accounts as well as commission reports each month. The commission reports takes her about 3 days to compile and check each month. Her reports are then used throughout the company and even used as input into other reports used in the company

Claire used templates that she’s developed over the last 3 years that she’s been in that position. The templates make it easier and have saved her time, but she still has to spend three days doing extracts, checking the data and then producing the reports. The report’s accuracy is important because it is used to pay the Sales Rep’s commission salaries.

Many people are involved in the sign-off but still there was a mistake that cost the business R1 million a month

Think that Claire’s the only one. Before working with us Simon is head of a large corporate and responsible for payments between partners and various countries.

He uses a major ERP to manage corporate finance and does monthly exports to do reconciliation reports across systems (internal and external) to produce final reports that are used to create journal entries that’s then uploaded back into ERP.

The reports are signed-off across 5 different teams and take between 4 and 7 days to complete. Simon’s been doing this for about 5 years.

Over a period of 6 years, a R100 million problem went unnoticed

Simon, head of Finance, also has challenges

If you have challenges with your reports or you’re just plain tired of the time it takes and the repetitive nature of it, we could have a solution that could work for you

Not everyone has a bad situation, but it is worthwhile investigating what possibilities are available. We could have the “click of a button” solution that you’ve always never knew you wanted

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