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Over the last few years we've worked closely with different businesses to create solutions that work for them. Most Business and Finance users want to use Excel to do the work that matters, which is why all ERP and Accounting tools have an Export to Excel function.


Simplify complexity 

When we created e-magination Budget, we didn’t design it just for the sake of creating a solution. We’ve looked closely at the needs of those professionals who have to go through the budgeting process as a part of their job and we’ve considered the user every step of the way. 

Put a stop to purchasing unfamiliar systems  

Are you ever taken back by new, unfamiliar systems? When making a decision to buy, do you think about who’s going to use this and who isn’t or how long it’s actually going to take for them to adapt to your newly purchased system? 

Multiple meetings are now a thing of the past 

The process of completing budgets is only done once a year. Even though this is the case, some would think that because of this, they may have all the time in the world when it comes down to completing it. Even if it takes up to 7 or 8 meetings to complete, it’s normal and so it seems satisfactory. 

Automate  to one version of the truth 

When finalizing budgets, which is necessary in any business, it can be a tedious and time-consuming task. A part of the strain and burden is making sure that the information that you’re working with is accurate and when looking at a typical budgeting process majority of businesses use today, most of the time it’s done in Excel 

Multiple systems? One standard budget 

Very often when completing the budgeting process, people depend on systems to provide them with information but as we all know, various departments use various systems. Take salaries and wages for example. The Finance Team depend heavily on the HR Team to budget for salaries. 

Stop the changes into versions that are compatible with systems it needs to 

Over the years we’ve assisted so many Finance Professionals already, with automating their Management Accounts Packs. Through all of this activity, we’ve worked with major group structured companies and found that when dealing with multiple entities, the budgeting process only becomes more difficult as well.