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75% of Finance Managers take more than 3 days to complete month end reporting

Make sure you don’t fall into that category by automating your reports

Don’t let month-end be consumed by creating reports. Fuel your business with insights that drive decisions and get you promoted

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Management Accounts

3 out of 4 Financial Managers are still operating with manually intensive reports with little to no automation.

You should be focussing on the results not building the report. Get insights into your business and create amazing reports all with the click of a button. With our one button refresh true automation for month end financial reports is now possible

Budget Tools

Our solution will provide a single location for you to consolidate your data and make room for your business rules when it comes to calculations so that everybody can work with a single version of the truth. This makes consolidation possible all within Excel, reducing the need for multiple meetings to get budgets signed-off.


We recognize that each business is different and that not all reporting needs are Management Accounts and Budgets. Over 11 years we’ve built all sorts of reporting automation and provided strategic guidance on how to solve the problem of intensive reporting and reducing the risk of data accuracy, time and key resource dependency.

If you unsure and would prefer a one on one conversation to gain better insight and understanding of what options you have available, even if it’s to have a sounding board for your needs then our team is here for you. Book a personal conversation to gain valuable strategic insight.

We connect to most popular ERP and Accounting Systems

Don’t see your system in the list?

We’ve connected to so many different systems that it’s impossible for us to list them all here. There’s a good chance we may already have a connector for the accounting system your using. With over 11 years of experience in helping our customers get the best out of their systems, removing all the manual work to produce reports, we pretty sure we can help you.



e-magination enable financial managers to easily generate automated Excel reports that are reliably accurate at the click of a button, giving them more time to make informed decisions that benefit their business. We use Excel, software that you already know and use daily, to develop powerful BI tools that are custom-made to suit your business reporting needs.

Our solutions deliver


Save valuable time

Time is money and month end is the busiest of times, which is why we automate all the laborious data inputting for you. Turn hours into a one-button refresh, giving you more time to focus on decision making.


Accuracy you can trust

Take human error out of the picture completely – automation means you can now trust your data. Our integrated checking and exception reporting tells you what could be going wrong before you share your reports with your team.

Save on cost

We use software that you already know and use everyday, so you don’t need to buy additional software, pay exorbitant license fees for new programs, or need to send your staff on unnecessary training.

Detailed, customisable dashboards

Report from detailed visual dashboards, using Excel PowerPivot, which have full analytical capability. This will enable you to easily compare and measure data so that you can make informed business decisions.


All data in a centralised place

Centralise all your complex business formulas and calculations so that you can work with data from multiple systems in one sheet, view, or graph. This allows you to cut down on redundant worksheets and easily compare data.

Your own custom solution

When it comes to data no two businesses are exactly alike, which is why out of the box solutions don’t work for everyone. We develop custom solutions so that all your unique business reporting requirements are met.

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