WE ARE HIRING A SENIOR BI DEVELOPER to join our amazing team for a six-month contract.


Care is the heart of what we do every day, and this defines us and our work. We all have dreams. Dreams are what fuel us, inspire others and motivate those around us to keep pushing forward.

At e-magination we know that these dreams are all different, but they all hold a common cause – it’s a passion that drives you. Not all goals are to be the best at some technical skill but rather something much harder like being a good mother to your kids, a friend people are drawn to, or the best gardener on your street. We all have that something.
We all have a shared dream and know that the person working next to me has her dreams, while different to mine, it means the world to her and she needs me to work on my dream to help make her dream happen. Being great at what you do helps the person next to you be great at what they do and that’s TEAM work.

We value COMMUNICATION and always encourage it, we want people to always share their thoughts and opinion as well as their challenge’s. We believe that employee’s buy in is equally important than that of Management.

We are also very committed to learning and delivering to the best of our ability. Delivering excellent service to both employees and clients.


We have a few projects on hand that requires very specific skills, if they match your’s, you are the one!

We are looking for someone that has five years and more experience as a BI Developer, that is able to transform raw unstructured data into a structured format. The candidate must be able to analyse, design and build reports and be comfortable with doing it in EXCEL as well as have a clear understanding of dimentional modelling using Ralph Kimball methodology. The candidate must build these reports with this approach and produce the report they way the client wants.

The candidate applying for this role should be aware of the following:

The picture above depicts the key process for this job – in a nutshell means getting source data from the client and you then need to figure it out and create the end result (Reports)

There is no specification for these reports, thus we are looking for someone skilled enough that is able read data exported from a Clients system, interpret the data, identify the gaps between the original exported source data, calculations and formulas and TRANSFORM it into the end result.


We really value the people that are part of our team and we’d love for you to be the next person to join this team. Having a personal dream is so important to your success. We believe this. So, we’d like you to create a video telling us about your dream, that one thing that drives you. Not work but your dream.

Why do you do what you do each day?

Once you’ve done that share a link to the video so we can view it and get to know you a little more. Tell us as much as you want as we will be using this to make our selection of who we’d like to move along this journey with us.


Once you are shortlisted, you will be contacted to come for an interview at our offices based in Cape Town.

Your first interview will consist of a test of an actual project, where you will need to produce the analysis. There will be no time constraint, so you can take as long as you need to be confident in your findings.

If you have shown that you have the skills necessary to produce a result similar to what we are expecting you will be invited back to meet the team you will be working alongside. These are the people that will encourage you to work on your dreams so it’s important that there is a good mix. This also gives you the opportunity to get to know the team members and ask them questions about their work and the company to allow you insight into the working environment and if we match your needs.

Join our team

If this position is of interest to you, then please click the link and fill out the questions we have.

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